Rebecka Lovisa

Valt mina första 6 units!

Nu har jag precis valt mina första 6 units! Det blev BUS 5 och BUS 20, jag hoppas att dom är intressanta!
BUS 5, Business Law - This course introduces the student to the U.S legal system, including but not limited to the court structure, its hierarchy, and the procedural aspects of a lawsuit. Students are introduced to the various sources of law and taught why the court applies a particular legal principle to a particular fact pattern. The sources of law that are discussed include the common law, statutory law and administrative law and case law (stare decisis). In addition to the foregoing, the following topics are covered: contract law, tort law, criminal law and basic legal principles concerning various business entities.
BUS 20, Principles of Marketing - This course introduces modern business marketing concepts and strategies and familiarizes the student with standards, procedures, and techniques used in marketing. Topics include marketing research; consumer behavior; target marketing; green marketing; and product, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies.


Jag såg även att mitt paket med alla papper från skolan var i Malmö idag, så jag hoppas att det kommer fram imorgon Det rullar på här nu!


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